Posted on Jul 12, 2019

Instant Pot is at its lowest price ever for Prime Day

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Recently, a college student asked an interesting question to his roommate buddy. The question was about an instant pot and whether the two college roommates should purchase one or not? The roommate being asked the question basically said that the question should not be whether they should buy an instant pot but rather why would they not want to buy an instant pot? The college roommate, who originally asked the question, seemed quite puzzled about the reply but he was soon to find out exactly why they should pool their funds together and purchase this item for the small college kitchenette in their dormitory room.

The advantage of an instant pot, for a couple of single guys, is that you do not need to waste a lot of space purchasing a variety of other small appliances such as steamers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, rice cookers, and so forth. An instant pot will be able to do it all. The students will only need an instant pot, a frying pan, and a small regular pot. These 3 kitchen cooking aids would be able to supply them with everything. Once the decision had been made to purchase one of these unique appliances, it would simply be a matter of deciding which size.
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